Door Drops: Effective Marketing Communication

Did you know that 8 out of 10 adults are happy to receive a door drop leaflet?

Leaflet drops are perceived as an unfavourable form of advertising. But, the correct targeted door drop campaign can increase sales, increase confidence in your brand, and save you money.

But, I bet you have never considered such a campaign.


I bet you think a leaflet campaign is irrelevant in a digital age. I also bet you’ll be surprised when a recent survey revealed that leaflets help drive online sales, and are most productive when used alongside another media campaign.

In fact, the same study revealed that 89% of UK adults remember receiving a door drop leaflet. This data is inconceivable when only 80% of adults reported remembering a radio or TV advert.

Now, think, that is 9% of the UK population you are missing out on. When weighted against the UK’s population at the time of the study that is an extra 5,636,380 people that will remember your leaflet rather than a television or radio advert. That’s madness, right? Considering the amount of money that is poured into TV and Radio.

This statistic is even more prevalent since a radio and television advert is only effective when repeated. Or, that you have to hire an amazingly creative and expensive agency to produce a distinctly memorable advert, when such a cheap and vastly more effective alternative is available.

So, not only is your leaflet campaign going to be cheaper because of its simplicity, it’s also going to be cheaper because you won’t have to ensure its constant exposure.

It already forms a constant part of your customer’s life. As most customers keep relevant leaflets in a memorable place like a notice board. A unique opportunity is available, an opportunity that you can capitalise on. Presuming people keep their notice boards in their kitchen, think how much of family life is spent in the kitchen — in waking-hours — certainly more than any other room.

And, certainly more than the average amount of time your average person spends watching television.

Increase Sales and Confidence: Put your product in your customers hands

Not only is a leaflet cheaper, it is also considered a more trustworthy channel.

In a media environment that is bursting with ‘pop-ups’, unsolicited emails, and privacy issues. There has never been a better time to invest in a medium that is considered more trustworthy.

Offers and samples can add value to a brand as it creates a connection between you and your customer that are impossible through other communications.

For example, consumers are happiest to receive redeemable coupons for discounts at local shops and supermarkets. Or, free samples of household products.

By placing your product in your customer’s hands, either literally with a sample, or more arbitrarily by creating an opportunity for future sales with an offer. Door drops provide a tangible and trustworthy form of communication.

Leaflet advertising is not dead it is a flourishing and relevant from of marketing communication. It affords unique opportunities that can be unattainable for a small business. Especially in a media market that is over-saturated with shot-lived communications. A tangible communication channel is a welcomed relief for many consumers.